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About E-Reclaim

“We make your electronic waste resourceful”

Environment Reclamation is our priority and this can be achieved by focusing how we utilizing earth's natural resources effectively, whether it’s at the time of mining of these resources or putting them back to use by way of Reuse or Remanufacturing or Recycling.

At E-reclaim, we believe RECYCLING is important for a sustainable environment!! But is it the only remedy to our ever increasing problem of E-waste. Aren’t we missing something?? Reuse?? Remanufacture?? We are an e-waste management company in India, which does not only propagate recycling but instead focuses on the 3R’s of recycling. First try to REUSE, then try REDUCING and only if we can do the former, we RECYCLE.

Studies have shown that recycling is only slightly more environmentally and economically efficient than disposal, whereas Reusing, Remanufacturing, Refurbishing utilizes recovered parts and extends the product life with less burden on the environment.

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+91 981030 8430
Plot No- G/466, Vishwakarma Industrial Area(VKI), Jaipur India
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